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Breaking into the Egg Business

Perhaps the best place to begin a discussion about the egg business would be with the egg itself. There is just a nine-ounce difference in weight between a dozen medium and a dozen jumbo eggs. A dozen large eggs, the standard in the retail mar­ketplace, weighs 24 ounces. A dozen medium eggs, commonly used in the food service sector, weighs 21 ounces, just three ounces less. Those slight dif­ferences can become big factors when calculating costs to produce a dozen eggs.

Egg grades — AA, A and B — have nothing to do with egg size or shell color. Rather they are used to rate shell cleanliness and uniformity and the condition of the egg’s interior. Under examination and candling an AA egg will have a clean, unbroken shell with even shape and shell surface. The air cell will be 1/18th-inch or less in depth and regular in shape. The white will appear clean and firm and the yolk will be centered and free of defects.

An A quality egg will also have a clean and unbroken shell. The air cell will be a quarter-inch or less in depth and fairly uniform. The white should be clear although not quite as firm as in the AA egg. The yolk should be fairly centered, have a more defined outline and should also be free of de­fects such as meat or blood spots. Continue Reading →